5 Must Have Burgers In Granbury Texas

Dated: 08/15/2017

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Calling all Granbury foodies and burger fanatics! You’ll want to read this one, y’all. We’ve laid out the perfect guide for your next restaurant outing.

In April, you may have seen the Small Town Showdown Best Burger competition that took Facebook by storm. Thousands and thousands of locals casted their vote for who should win the title of Granbury’s Best Burger. The finalists were The Local, Willie & Dick’s Grill, The Fillin’ Station, Grumps Burgers and Wreckers Burger Stop. Willie & Dick’s came out with the win after a very, very close race. We stopped by Willie & Dick’s Grill, and tried his delicious burger.

However, with such a huge turnout of votes and participation, we had to try all the other finalists’ burgers. Granbury folks are obviously very passionate about their burgers, so we had to see what all the fuss is about. Let me tell y’all, we weren’t disappointed. Not only do these four local joints have some seriously good burgers, but each one had a unique story about their restaurant history. Take a read!


  1. Grumps Burgers

Grumps opened it’s doors in Granbury in 2002, and only had 12 seats available at that time. The restaurant has now expanded to four locations, now in Burleson, Cleburne and Stephenville along with Granbury. We sat down with the Grumps Marketing and Events Manager, Shevin Schmitt, and she explained the local restaurant’s beginnings.

Grumps Burgers

“Collier had this bright idea to go into the burger slinging business, and truthfully didn’t know a darn thing about it,” Schmit said. “Since then, he and business partner, Todd, have continued to build this tiny (used to be) gun shop into the thriving business it is now.”

If you’ve been to Grumps, you know the small-town feel really exists there. With the cozy patio spaces, picnic tables, friendly atmosphere and now a wiffle ball park, Grumps Burgers is a great place for the family. Schmitt even mentioned how fun it was to be a part of the Small Town Showdown, alongside other restaurants in Granbury, Texas.

“We get to watch families grow and blossom and our guests have become more than just ‘customers,’ they’re our friends,” Schmitt said. “We also love the friendly competition among the restaurants – it makes us all work harder! We have a great dining selection in this small town and we all need each other to do well!”

We tried their famous Queso Burger, loaded with a ⅓ lb patty, topped with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions and mustard as well as homemade queso all on a delicious Jalapeno Sourdough Bun. Grumps’ patties are hand-formed every morning. It was also accompanied with specialty “dirty fries,” topped with fried onions and jalapenos, and served with our homemade ranch dressing. Can you say, YUM?! This bad boy was loaded down with delicious queso. It was unlike anything we’d ever had before!

“The Queso Burger”

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  1. The Local

Slightly new to the Granbury restaurant scene is The Local, tucked away just off Temple Hall Highway. The Local is owned and operated by Linda Stephens, Trish Stratton and Janetta Kingery. We had the opportunity to sit down with Stephens, and talk about what got them into the restaurant business.

“It started in October of 2015, after one whiskey night when we decided to just do this,” Stephens said. “Janetta owned the property, and it used to be a trailer shop. I’ve always been in the restaurant business.”

The Local prides themselves on their delicious, unique menu items. All the veggies are grown right there on the property, the burgers are made with grass-fed beef, and seasoned with a secret seasoning and flat-grilled. Most of the menu items are Stephens’ Grandma’s recipes.

Trish, Janetta and Linda with their homegrown veggies.

“We had a meeting, and Janetta almost didn’t want to do hamburgers!” Stephen said. “As for the people, Granbury people are just great. There are all kinds of people that come here, and we get a lot of tourists in from DFW. That’s just awesome, we are shocked at how blessed we are.”

We had the privilege to try “The D Burger,” a delicious patty topped with sauteed mushrooms, carmelized onions, bacon, mouth-watering bleu cheese, mayonnaise, all on a toasted bun. Oh, and some of their homemade bacon jam. Yeah, BACON JAM. Food coma. You have got to try this one! Head over to the Local during their open hours Thursday-Saturday, 11-9 p.m. They’re even BYOB, and catch live music on Fridays and Saturday nights! Talk about the perfect place for summer, right?

“The D Burger”

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  1. Wreckers Burger Stop

Wreckers Burger Stop started in September of 2016 in their current location, but the idea started originally in 2014 inside Bootlegger Liquor by the Beeson family, Cassie, Robert and David. At Wreckers off Fall Creek Highway, you’ll find one of the most uniquely decorated joints you’ve ever stepped in. With both new and old knick-knacks and items decorating the entire restaurant, each time you go you’ll find something on the wall you haven’t seen before.

“We love the small town feel, and even though Granbury is growing, we can still own and run a mom-and-pop shop,” Cassie said.

When we asked Cassie about the most popular burger, she said “The Heavy Chevy” takes the win as a huge three-patty burger. The second best seller at Wreckers is a patty melt. We settled for the significantly smaller ½ pound patty with mayo, lettuce, onion, cheese and pickles, and it was so good. This fam knows how to make a good burger!

The "Wreckers Burger"

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  1. The Fillin’ Station

The Fillin’ Station is located in the old gas station building on the corner of the Historic Granbury Square, and owned by Jerry Hitt. Everything on the Fillin’ Station’s menu is uniquely named after cars and car parts, and the decor around the restaurant embodies this theme as well. This restaurant sits in just the right spot to see people out and about the Square on a busy day.

The Fillin’ Station

“We opened in 2013, I always had thought it was a neat idea to do something like this when I traveled, you know, own a mom-and-pop shop,” Hitt said. “There are so many neat people in Granbury, A lot of my friends, I didn’t know four years ago before I started this.”

We tried the infamous Cadillac, which Hitt explained was a hit menu item, except it was a twist on the normal menu item. A large patty, hand-grinded with bacon every single day. Topped with the normal lettuce, onion, mayonnaise and pickles, and also mac-and-cheese (yep, you read that right!), caramelized jalapenos and on a   jalapeno bun. So, so much cheesy, ooey-gooey goodness. Just like Hitt predicted, afterwards, we wanted a nap!

“The Cadillac Burger”

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Let’s just say, you can easily get some of the best burgers you’ve ever had right here in Granbury, Texas. After we tried these places, it’s obvious Granbury people knew what they were doing when they nominated! Some of these local restaurants have the best food around, y’all. Head over to one of these today to try some of these delicious burgers. With summer right around the corner, these spots are perfect to bring the whole family.

Another BIG thank you to all of those who participated in the Small Town Showdown. Keep your eyes out for the next competition! If you’d like to give us your opinion on what the next contest should be over, feel free to message us on Small Town Granbury. If you’re a loyal fan of one of these restaurants, be sure to share and get their famous burgers some love!

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