Willie And Dicks Grill Takes The Win In Small Town Showdown

Dated: 08/15/2017

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Last week, the Clarkson Premier Team at Magnolia Realty and Small Town Granbury opened up another Small Town Showdown competition. This time, Granbury folks had the opportunity to nominate and then vote on who had the best burger in our small town.

We received an overwhelming response to this contest, more than ever before. We’re talking, over 400 nominations and over 10,300 votes. Yup, you read that right. Turns out, Granbury people are pretty passionate about their burgers. And even more so, the folks in this town are passionate about supporting their favorite places to grab a bite. We loved that.

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After a close contest, Willie & Dick’s Grill came out with the win for the best burger in Granbury, Texas. We had the opportunity to meet up with Willie Jensen himself, owner and operator of Willie & Dick’s Grill, and discussed everything from burgers to owning a restaurant in Granbury, Texas. Jensen had a lot to say about the process, making the burgers and the locals.

“It all started out as a hobby. We bought this place, and I messed around with the idea of it for about two years, and one day I said ‘let’s just do it,’” Jensen said. “We opened and got our butts kicked… After that, it got easier. We got to where we just loved people and our great customers. We’ve been here since September of ‘05… The rest is history.”

Jensen credited his win to his loyal customers. He stressed that in Granbury, the success comes down to the people in this town being supportive, and appreciating a good meal and business. Being a small business owner, it’s important to take more time to make a personal relationship with each customer.

“We’re so small, we’re personable. A lot of times when people come in here, the waitresses know their order,” Jensen said. “They know what they’re going to eat here. I work too, the [customers] come here and know everybody… They’re our friends… They can come as they are. If they want to wear their pajamas, wear ‘em.”

The atmosphere at Willie and Dick’s is unique – you won’t find an empty spot on the wall. The place is covered in art, signs, and pictures, unique to the theme of the place and also the loyal customers themselves.

“They’re like family,” Jensen said. “A lot of these pieces on the wall are from them,” Jensen said. “It’s a way to make a piece of the place their own. [Willie & Dick’s Grill] is a come as you are place, all very simple.”

You can’t interview someone about their famous burgers without trying one yourself, right? We asked Jensen to give us one of his most popular, mouth-wateringly delicious burgers so we could see what all the fuss is about. We’ll tell you what, Granbury chose the winner of the Small Town Showdown well. Jensen brought us “The Hater” to try, and it didn’t disappoint.

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“This burger has a ranch dressing, onions, lettuce, ½ pound patty, Swiss cheese, caramelized jalapeños, country-fried bacon and topped off with even more ranch,” Jensen explained. “It’s all about the combinations. I tried every combo ‘till I got it right.” He chuckled.

Ron Clarkson, from Clarkson Premier Team at Magnolia Realty and the face behind Small Town Granbury, tackled “The Hater” himself and raved about the famous burger.

“People know I’m a bacon expert,” Clarkson said. “I make my own bacon. I’ll tell you, that’s some fine country-fried bacon.”

Willie & Dick’s menu is full of uniquely named items, all with a background story to come with it. We asked Willie, why he chose to name the delicious masterpiece “The Hater,” and he shed some light on the beginning of this particular burger.

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“One day some disgruntled people were on Facebook, and I said, ‘you know what, I’m going to create a burger and name it after you haters,’” Jensen said. “The next day I messed with this. Instead of hatin’ on people, come eat ‘The Hater.’ It’s been popular ever since, and been on the menu for about a year now.”

If this didn’t convince you that Willie & Dick’s is the Granbury go-to place for a burger, then we don’t know what will! Be sure to watch the video for the full interview. Make your way on over to Willie & Dick’s Grill to get good service, a good atmosphere and even better home-cooked food. We’re already hooked – so see y’all there!

Thank you again for all of those that participated in the Small Town Showdown. You are what makes this town so great. Stay tuned for our next Small Town Showdown on our Facebook and Instagram pages, and sign up for our e-newsletter, subscribe.smalltowngranbury.com to stay in the know on the Small Town Showdowns, and also all things Granbury!

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