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Dated: 08/15/2017

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Revolver Brewing has quickly become a widely-recognized, approachable and unique craft beer. Everyone in Granbury knows the name. Now, Revolver is one of the leading craft brands in Dallas-Fort Worth, and also Texas as a whole.

What started in 2012 as a family business, Revolver Brewing has since revolutionized the Texas craft beer industry in less than five years. Widely known for their most popular brew, Blood & Honey, Revolver’s lineup goes much further than that with year-round beers, specialty beers, and limited release beers. Revolver now distributes in large cities throughout Texas, including DFW, Waco, Austin, San Antonio, College Station and Houston.

Even better, we are lucky to have Revolver Brewing right here in Granbury, Texas! We have listed the top 5 reasons to make Revolver a part of your Saturday plans! With summer rolling around, it’s the perfect place to be!

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  1. The Unique Start of Revolver Brewing

Grant Wood, Master Brewer at Revolver Brewing, led the tour on Saturday, May 20, and we had the chance to discuss the history of Revolver, and why the Kiesler’s began their craft brewery.

“Revolver started with Rhett Kiesler; he had been living in Toronto,” Wood said. “His dad, Ronnie, retired back here to Granbury. So, he came down here with his dad and said 'I have friends who started a craft brewery in Toronto, and I don’t see a lot of this here.’ He and his dad decided there was definitely a need for something like this, made a business plan, called for a brewer, and I answered his email.”

Revolver then opened its doors to the public in 2012, and it was a huge hit.

“We got started in October of 2012 with our ‘grand opening,’” Wood said. “ We had about 1,100 people come out to see us and get some free beer and barbecue. Since then, we’ve been open every Saturday except for a couple when the roads were iced over.”

Prior to Revolver’s opening, there were less than twenty craft breweries in Texas, and a small portion of those include recognizable names such as Karbach, Deep Ellum, and Saint Arnold. There was definitely a need, and both the Kieslers and Wood knew what they were doing. Revolver is now in over 7,000 stores and bars across the state of Texas.

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  1. The Taste

If you haven’t tried Revolver beer yet, you’re missing out. Their most popular beer, Blood & Honey has a unique story behind its beginning.

Blood & Honey actually wouldn’t have existed if a man down the road hadn’t shown up at the door with a bucket of honey,” Wood said. “He couldn’t use it, so he said ‘what can you do with this?’ And here we are... Blood & Honey. People love that beer, and always come back for it.”

Revolver Brewing produces approximately 10,000 cases of beer per week from Granbury, Texas. That’s a lot of beer! What else makes the taste of Revolver so unique, and unlike any beer out there? Wood explained that Granbury makes such a good location for their business because of the water. Never would have guessed, right?

“One of the things that Rhett and Ron looked at in particular was a property that had its own water supply,” Wood said. “This beer is made from water right under your feet in the Trinity Aquifer. No other beer in the world can say that.”

More than just having extra-special water, though, is what they do with the stuff in the water as well. Granbury’s water is actually very soft from Sodium.

“That [salt] brings something special. I didn’t change or strip the water, I used it just as it came from the ground,” Wood said. “To me, that brings an interesting, soft finish to the beer. As a brewmaster, I think it adds character. A lot of people like to add salt to their beer, with us, you don’t have to because we do it for you.”

If you’re heading out to Revolver anytime soon, be sure to try their seasonal beer, Full Tang IPA. The website describes the beer as “a tangerine-fueled quest to find a stellar IPA led us to the four corners of the hop universe — Apollo, Mandarina, Citra and Saphir. Sensors detect floral and citrus notes.” We tried it, and it was definitely unlike any IPA we’d ever had.

“I like that tangerine note in Full Tang,” Wood said. “It really rounds off with a strong fruit flavor.”

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  1. The Friendly Environment

Every Saturday, Revolver opens to the public from 12-3 p.m. It’s open to all ages, and with plenty of picnic tables, outdoor games, music, and no rules against outside food, it’s even great for the kids! For $10, you get a souvenir glass and four 8 oz. beer tastings of your choice. After 2 p.m., you get two tastings. (Either way, it’s a heck of a deal, y’all!)

Also, every Saturday, your $10 purchase also gets you a tour of the facility by either Ron or Rhett Kiesler, the father-son duo that began Revolver Brewing, or Grant Wood, the Master Brewer at Revolver. The brewery sits on beautiful country land to hang out on.

“We’re out in the country, you see horses around and we have 15 acres for people to hang on,” Wood said. “All of these things, we couldn’t do if we were in the city.”

Live music always fills the air from their outdoor stage, and they’ll always have a food stand if you start gettin’ hungry. Start up a game of Jenga or cornhole, or chase the kiddos around the property. At Revolver, you’ll find an environment unlike any other.

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  1. The Entertainment

If you head out to Revolver on a Saturday, you’ll get to relax and unwind with live music coming from their very own outdoor stage. Revolver likes to get local, Texas bands that play anything from Texas Country to Classic Rock.

To name a few, Shane Rogers Band, Cami Maki, Andrew Carman and the Trials, and Bubba Wesley and the Interstate Heartbreak will all be playing live at Revolver soon – and those are just some summer names! 

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  1. Their LOVE for the Granbury community

And finally, some would say most importantly, part of the reason Revolver has become what it is today is because of its roots and humble beginnings in Granbury, Texas. As most know, Revolver Brewing recently joined Tenth and Blake, the craft division of MillerCoors. This is amazing and huge for Revolver, and instead of changing their operations, Saturday’s are staying just the same at the brewery.

“Granbury is our home, and always will be,” Wood said. “The community has been amazingly supportive.  Granbury gives us a unique community for our friends to visit and enjoy our brewery.”

More than that, though, is the huge turnout Revolver gets every Saturday. Revolver attracts both locals and tourists, and no matter what, the service is wonderful.

“Granbury has been really supportive of all of this. You look around at the people here, and you see people that are from Hood, Johnson and Parker County,” Wood said. “You don’t only see bearded, tatted twenty year-olds or whatever here, it’s locals and tourists of ALL ages who are interested in having a good time out in the country, with a good beer.”

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If this hasn’t convinced you to take the fam to Revolver, we don’t know what will! We feel so lucky that such a unique, community-driven company calls Granbury home. Hope to see ya on Saturday! Cheers! See some more of our favorites below.

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