Labor Day Lakefest In Granbury

Dated: 08/21/2017

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“Let us realize that the privilege to work is a gift, that the power to work is a blessing, that love of work is success.” - David O. McKay

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Can you believe the school year has already started, and now Labor Day is around the corner? Your summer is not over yet; there is so much going on in Granbury to make your Labor Day weekend the best one yet with your family and friends. We’re already excited!

The Clarkson Premier Team at Magnolia Realty and Small Town Granbury had the chance to talk to Courtney Smith, event coordinator and Historic Granbury Merchant's Association (HGMA) member, and she explained some of her excitement for this new festival in Granbury, and the roots of this national holiday celebrated by so many.

“Labor Day is meant to recognize the contributions American workers have made, and continue to make, to build a prosperous America,” Smith said. “The roots were originally embedded in peace-keeping among unions and the overworked. Over time, Labor Day has meant an extra vacation day for the employed… The idea behind Labor Day Lakefest is to celebrate the hard work and achievements of each link in the chain of the community by providing an entire weekend of no pressure, no stress, fun and family-friendly good times. Work hard, play hard.”

Couldn't agree more! With so many local activities, it won’t be hard to make the most of your Labor Day weekend in Granbury, Texas. Saturday, Sunday and Monday will feature a variety of fun events like a Fish Fry, Festival on the Square, Salsa Cook-off, Lighted Boat Parade, contests and even a ZZ Top tribute band! Time to rock out and reminisce.

"Trio Grande will be fantastic, but I’m also excited about the Benton Lawson band. Every band is different and fun, so no one in the audience is left out," Smith said. "Brookshires is sponsoring the Fish Fry again this year, and the bass tournament includes those who appreciate bait and tackle on the tranquility of Lake Granbury. The lighted boat parade was regrouped for Labor Day Lakefest. Families set up at dusk on the banks of the lake and wait in excited anticipation for the parade to venture past. There will be contests scattered across the weekend! This year, a new culinary contest hits Lakefest. Vaca-shenanigans in Texas aren’t complete without salsa! In true Labor Day fashion, the salsa-stop restaurants of Granbury will be submitting entries and festival goers will have the vote of Best Salsa of Labor Day Lakefest!"

How does all that fun fit into one weekend? If you don’t have a boat, but want to take advantage of Lake Granbury during Labor Day Weekend, hang out on the City Beach! There, you can rent a kayak, bring a tent and food; you name it!

Big events that kick-off the weekend include the Fishing Tournament, on Saturday from 6-1 p.m., Vendors on the Square beginning at 10 a.m., and the Fish Fry sponsored by Brookshire’s Grocery in Hewlett Park from 12-6 p.m. We can't wait to relax on Lake Granbury, and hope this convinced you to make Downtown Granbury a part of your weekend plans.

Find the full schedule on the Historic Merchant’s Association website here. As always, if you have any event questions, please reach out and we can direct you to the correct contact for the event.

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