Sell your home in Granbury Selling your home can be easy. Let our experienced staff help you make it happen.

Our Granbury Advantage

Clarkson Premier Team at Magnolia Realty is a team of local real estate experts in Granbury ready to reveal the secrets of how we can help you sell your home. From setting the price to creating marketing campaigns for traditional media and Web, we’ve got a proven plan that will match your home with the right buyers for the right price. We are committed to fast, professional and courteous personal service to help you understand and feel at ease throughout the home selling process. Our trained and certified agents specialize in the Granbury real estate market and are prepared to sell your home to the right buyer for the best price.

We live in Granbury. We are a part of this community. We go to church here and some of us even graduated here. The vast majority of our real estate transactions have been Granbury addresses. We are sure that there are real estate agents that have lived here longer and have been doing business here longer. But we take the craft of selling real estate very seriously and in just 3 years we have risen to be one of the top teams in Hood County. We sell homes in Granbury. We specialize in Granbury. We don’t sell homes in Weatherford, Glen Rose, Stephenville, Benbrook, or even Fort Worth. Why? We’ll gladly share the reason when we meet in person.

Amy was an excellent realtor to work with. Amy came by and looked at our house, made some recommendations, and then after making a few minor improvements, the house was listed. Five days later we had a contract. Amy walked us through every aspect of the sale and was very quick to respond when we had questions. – Zillow Review

Our Technology Advantage

The days of relying on print advertising to sell your house are long gone. According to NAR (National Association of REALTORS®), only 1% of home buyers find their home in print advertising. Even in small town Granbury, technology rules when it comes to selling your home quickly and for the most money possible. Our team is made up of the foremost experts and trainers in technology and we use that expertise to serve our clients. We share all of our technology secrets with our clients, but we get the most out of the following technologies to sell your home:


Our Granbury community page, Small Town Granbury, is one of the largest online communities for Granbury with over 6,000 members (and growing). Our posts typically reach over 30,000 people because of their viral nature. We run ads all over the United States, specifically targeting people who have an interest in Granbury. Facebook is by far the most popular social network in Granbury and it is changing the way homes are sold in Hood County. You need to know how your home will appear on their huge network.


Make no mistake about it, with millions of dollars in advertising, Zillow is a juggernaut when it comes to marketing homes for sale, even in Granbury. Your real estate agent MUST have a Zillow strategy in today’s market. Ask them how to get your listings in Zillow featured and appear at the top of searches and they probably won’t be able to tell you. Most agents post their listings to the MLS and then rely on default settings in Zillow to make sure their listing appears in search results. This is good, but wouldn’t it be great if your home consistently showed up at the top of search results? We’ll gladly share with you how we make that happen. We are a Zillow 5-Star Premier Agent and also a Zillow Local Expert for Granbury.

Our Mobile App

According to NAR, over 50% of homebuyers utilize mobile apps to find their home. Not too many Granbury agents can claim that they have their own mobile app, but Clarkson Premier Team does, thanks to Keller Williams, our broker. If you’re talking to a real estate agent about selling your home, they must have a strategy to properly address mobile homebuyers that prefer to use apps.

Automated Yard Signs

Traditionally, agents will put out some flyers and make sure their phone number is on the yard sign in your front yard when your home is on the market. However, many homebuyers will skip the step of calling a phone number because they may be early on in the process of buying a home. We make it easy to get detailed information on your home by using what’s called a short code. You can try it yourself right now by texting Clarkson to 59559. The GPS on their phone locates the closest home on the market and responds instantly with information about that home. Best of all? You never have to fill a box with flyers ever!

Our own website is a state-of-the-art resource that matches the thousands of potential buyers in our database with potential home matches every single day. When we meet with you, we can show you how many people would possibly be interested in your home when it hits the market. Also, our website is 100% mobile responsive, and this is just a fancy way of saying our website automatically detects when homebuyers are viewing it from a mobile device and adjusts how it displays. Your agent should be able to demonstrate to you how they capture information on potential homebuyers on their website and also how many potential homebuyers search their website every day.

We had a very positive experience selling our home with Amy Clarkson and her team. We sold our house in two days for over our asking price! Amy was very helpful in presenting our home in the very best light. We followed her advice and it really paid off! She walked us through the process and took care of all of the details. Our experience was first class. Her team was very professional and kept the process running smoothly. Amy’s advice was invaluable! We’d recommend her to anyone selling or buying a home! – Zillow Review

Our People Advantage

Technology is most powerful when it’s an extension of good old fashioned people skills. We are one of the few real estate teams in Granbury that not only knock on doors, but we also hold regular open houses and spend several hours a day on the phone trying to reach people who might be potential buyers for your home. Most real estate agents will tell you that these things don’t work anymore, but we beg to differ.

Open Houses

Here’s what we know about the average home buyer in today’s technology-driven real estate market: they could spend months searching online before choosing to engage with a real estate agent. Open Houses are a natural extension of the technology we employ (Facebook, Zillow, and our website) because it gives these buyers an opportunity to tour a home without the pressure of contacting and committing to working with a real estate agent. We also have to recognize that a good number of Granbury homebuyers are actually from out of town and so we utilize advertising on Facebook and Zillow to draw these people to our open house events when they are in town for the day or even spending the weekend in one of our famous Granbury Bed and Breakfasts. We understand why people buy homes in Granbury and we use that to your advantage.

Door Knocking

If you live in Granbury, then there’s a good chance you’ve already met somebody on our team when they were out knocking on doors in your neighborhood, getting to know the people, why they live there, and what their real estate plans are. This helps us better understand how to market homes for sale in that neighborhood. In some neighborhoods, they see us so much, they know us by name!

Phone Calls

When we list your home, we don’t just sit back and let the marketing bring in the buyers because we know the best marketing strategy is a layer of good marketing and also good old fashioned hard work. We have a list of thousands of potential homebuyers and we active prospect several hours a day to make sure we leave no stone unturned. In fact, we have a specialist that is dedicated to making and receiving phone calls every day. The phone still works, and we will call our friends so you can sell your house as quickly as possible.

Mrs. Clarkson is experienced, knew the market well and was able to help us sell our home at a reasonable price and quickly! She also responded to any questions we had quickly and was able to anticipate certain aspects of the sale of our home that we had not expected. Her use of a professional photographer was also an above and beyond action in my opinion. – Zillow Review

Selling Your Home: Easy As 1-2-3!

We like to make things easy for our clients. If you’re still not sure if you’re ready to sell your home, we’ve made the next steps as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. Relax. The average person sells or buys a home about once every 10 years, but we do this every day. Let us walk you through the process, step-by-step.
  2. Contact us using the form below or using this free online home valuation tool. We don’t like to toot our own horn, but we’re pretty nice people and we love to meet new people. We won’t hound you at all hours of the day, but we would like to have a short conversation with you to best understand your needs.
  3. Invite us to your home. We’d love to meet with you in person and share our home marketing secrets with you. We’ll also share a market analysis with you that will give you an idea of what your home might sell for in today’s market. This entire process takes about 30-60 minutes, it’s FREE, and there’s absolutely no pressure at all.

I really enjoyed having Amy help us sell our home. She took care of everything throughout the process. This was the first house I had ever tried to sell, so I was clueless on how to go about getting the house on the market and how to find the perfect buyer. Amy took control and we had multiple “showings” of our home in the first week. As the weeks passed, the traffic of potential buyers remained steady. Within a month, we had sold our home! – Zillow Review


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